Cleaning and maintaining your roof is essential to preserve its appearance and integrity while extending its lifespan. Using a high-pressure cleaner is an effective and economical solution, but it requires suitable equipment and products and compliance with safety rules. Therefore, always look for a reliable pressure roof cleaning service.

Some cleaning services have adopted new approaches to pressure cleaning, making the process quicker, safer, and more affordable.

Let’s have a look at how pressure cleaning works!

Pressure Roof Cleaning System

Particularly exposed to bad weather and pollution, the roof gets dirty and is covered with moss or a blackish film. Depending on the environment, cleaning is recommended once or twice a year to prevent foam development and prevent the cover from being stained by the roof.

For this cleaning, you can call on a professional who can use a high-pressure cleaner, offering a pressure of between 140 and 160 bars, which is an effective, fast, and economical means. Indeed, this device has the particularity of expelling water at high pressure via its nozzle for thorough roof cleaning.

Remember that using a high-pressure cleaner is not suitable for all types of roof coverings, knowing that terracotta or slate tiles, for example, are particularly fragile.

Pressure washing offers the advantage of being effective, fast, and efficient because a simple jet is generally enough to get your roof rid of all its waste. An energetic brush stroke is no longer enough to clean the roof! This is why this cleaning method is recommended for extreme soiling.

However, cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is a particularly delicate task, especially on a tiled roof. If you use a cleaner, be sure to leave a good distance and attack the tiles so that the water runs down. This process is in no way abrasive and is very well mastered by the professional teams.

The method Used to Clean a Roof with Pressure Washer

The cleaning of a roof with a high-pressure cleaner is carried out in non-windy and dry weather, the idea being that these conditions are maintained the following days. The professionals are careful concerning the pressure of their cleaner to the type of coating on your roof.

They start by moistening the roof and then spraying the cleaning product with the high-pressure cleaner. Leave that on for a few minutes and rinse.

Now for the demoss. If the roof is covered with thick moss, it is better to brush them first before applying the product, using the high-pressure cleaner from top to bottom. Depending on the antifoam product used, they will then have to rinse it or not.

Spray a specific water-repellent product unless the defoamer is also water-repellent.

Finally, they clean the gutters of any residue that may have accumulated there using the curved tip.

Treatment of Tiled Roofs With Pressure Washing

Tiled roofs are thoroughly cleaned with a high-pressure water wash and a tile defoamer, increasing its pH. After cleaning, a protective agent is spread on the surface of the tiles to prevent water from being absorbed into the tiles, thereby inhibiting the living conditions of moss and other growths.

Protective agents prevent:

Tile surface acidification and growth spurt

Frost rot

Absorption of moisture and therefore dirt and pollution

Water and mold damage

Increases the life of the tiled roof

A pressure cleaning system improves the appearance of your house, offering it a curb appeal and a positive visitor experience. It adds more value to your residence.

It is proven that a home with only the driveway cleaned with a single power wash adds $10,000 in value to your residence. It is advisable to look for different professional pressure cleaning services in your area, gather at least three to four quotes, and then decide which one you want to opt for.

The pressure washing techniques used by professionals help improve and maintain the integrity of your roofing structures and comply with safety regulations and provide a clean and welcoming place. So, are you planning to add pressure roof cleaning to the seasonal cleaning list of your home?

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