Q and A about Roof Cleaning in South Florida

Why is roof cleaning important?

Roof cleaning also removes dirt, grime, algae, toxic mold and stains. Having a sparkling, bright roof will increase the ‘curb appeal’ of your South Florida home. Having a dirty one will detract from it’s value. The mold and algae from a dirty roof will start breaking down the materials your roof is made of – especially clay and wood – and will contribute to you having to buy a new roof sooner than you should. Washing a roof also expands roof life!

How often should you have your roof cleaned?

We recommend cleaning your roof every one to two years here in South Florida. Why? Because of the amount of grime that can collect on a roof and because of the algae and moss created by

All the humidity and moisture in our environment, especially during the summer months.

Can my roof get damaged during the process?

With traditional pressure washing techniques and equipment, yes, your roof can get damaged. Pressure cleaning machines shoot water out at up to 4,000 PSI ( pounds per square inch ) – which can break off shingles, crack tiles and otherwise wear down your roof material.

Can’t I hire one to just ‘bleach’ my roof?

People also try raw bleaching their roofs to clean them> Bad idea.  Bleach will clean the roof however using raw bleach will damage the roof and landscaping. The bleach will sit and dry onto the roof and  crystallize under paper and rust the nails quickly.

 But Zero Pressure is different. We use a  unique method and a specially developed chemical formula which magically cleans your roof without damaging it. Our soft wash cleaning only produces up to 70 psi , with less walking onto roof. This method also minimizes the time spent on cleaning the roof vs  pressure cleaning. Once roof finished cleaning with our chemical solution,  we do a thorough rinse with pure water to make sure our solution doesn’t sit onto the roof .

What type of chemicals does Zero Pressure Cleaning use?

 25% hypochlorite, mildewacide, cobbleoxide, roof-acide and water.

 We take extreme precautions  by covering landscaping so our special formula actually is harmless to the environment and your landscaping.

 What are the various types of ways roofs can be cleaned?

Traditionally, roofs are cleaned with pressure washing. A gas or electric power motor with water pump system sprays water at a super high velocity – electric washers at 1,400 PSI and gas powered at a whopping 4,000 PSI! Imagine all the damage that can cause your tiles and shingles! We can clean tile, shingle and metal roofs – virtually ANY kind that you’ll find here from spanish tile roofs in Parkland and Boca Raton to metal roofs in West Palm Beach to shingle roofs in Greenacres – we cover it all!

What cities does Zero Pressure go to?

 From Coral Gables to Coral Springs, Davie to Delray Beach, Boca Raton to Greenacres and West Palm Beach, Palm City ,Hobe Sound , Jupiter , Stuart and Lake Worth, we will go ANYWHERE to clean your roof and driveway and patio for that matter!  Call us at (561) 412-8486 for your roof cleaning, driveway cleaning or other free estimate!