The Zero Pressure Cleaning Way!

Learn Why Everyone is Using Zero Pressure to Clean Their Roofs, Driveways and More!

Lake Worth began as a small village with only 13 inhabitants in 1913. Did you know it was actually established by an African American woman and former slave named Fannie James?  Back then it didn’t matter if your roof was clean or dirty, it just mattered that you had a covering over your head!

We’ll Make Your Home Look like New!

Let’s face it – mold, dirt and grime detracts from the beauty of your home. It’s also not healthy. You spend so much time there, why not make it look as good as it can look? Within a couple of hours, our amazing ‘pressureless’ process will make years of dirt and mold and algae just ‘melt away’. It is quick and easy and affordable.  We can even help clean your gutters! Our Lake Worth roof cleaning company at (561) 412-8486

● LESS EXPENSIVE – we are LESS than traditional pressure washers!
● FASTER – Our process is twice as fast as traditional pressure cleaning.
● CLEANER – A ‘clean’ roof and driveway ads ‘curb appeal’ and increases value
● FRIENDLIER – We are ‘green’, we don’t damage the environment by using harmful detergents and we are ‘kid friendly’ too!

There are a lot of pretty Spanish style homes built in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s in this area – from College Park historic district to our artsy downtown along Lake Avenue. We can get those spanish barrel roof tiles looking like new again with our innovative high tech process. Why risk damaging those tiles with traditional pressure cleaning?

Btw – Not only are many of our customers here, our main office is located on Via Bari in Lake Worth.

From Lucerne Ave. west to Lyons road, countless homeowners have had us perform driveway cleaning on their homes. From concrete to Chatahootchee – we can get it looking like new again!

So feel great about your roof and driveway again!