When you want to remove rust from ceramic tile, it is best to contact a professional for rust stain removal. When dealing with the problem yourself, you will soon find that it demands more elbow grease than you and your household items are capable of applying. There are many DIY techniques, but these often produce inferior results. Then there are store-bought treatments, which often cause more harm than good.

In this article, we will explain the disadvantages of DIY rust removal, preventative measures, and how Zero Pressure Roof Cleaning can resolve your rust problems.

How Do Tiles Develop Rust?

Rust develops when iron and oxygen come in contact in a moist environment, also known as oxidation. If your outdoor patio flooring is made of ceramic tile, it can get stained by iron or metal objects, such as the legs of a table or chair.

Disadvantages Of Rust Removal Treatments

If your patio is made of ceramic tiles, rust is usually a rare occurrence. However, when it does happen, it can be quite an eyesore. DIY methods with the use of abrasive sponges and cloths can result in further stains and by no means should you attempt to scrape the rust off with a sharp object as you may end up scratching the tile surface.

As a result, many people turn to rust removal treatments, like strong acids (i.e., mineral acid-based products), but we do not recommend doing this. Even when diluted with water, they can be dangerous to work with, especially strong acids. They often result in damaged skin, irritated lungs, and other serious health issues, no matter what safety equipment you use or how carefully you apply the product. Weaker acids (i.e., oxalic acid-based products) are better to handle on your own but can still be harmful to you and the environment.

Before using any household cleaning products, it is advised that you first know the ingredients and the best way of using them.

A Safer Solution

We recommend a safer and more effective option to remove rust. Contact Zero Pressure Roof Cleaning for pressure cleaning in Miami. Our rust and sprinkler stain removal process is simple but effective. It includes a visit from our licensed and insured technicians who will apply a harmless, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly cleaning formula to all your rusted items, simply washing the stains away. This treatment will only take minutes per stain and no harmful power washing or pressure washing is involved.

How To Prevent Rust?

There are different ways that you can prevent rust from developing on your ceramic tiles and outdoor items. One way to prevent rust is to purchase products that use stainless steel instead of iron or metal. However, this is costly and not always realistic. Other ways are:

  • Use linseed oil: Apply a coating of linseed oil to all your metal or iron products, as this can inhibit the moisture’s impact on these materials. Using boiled linseed oil is the preferred option because it dries faster and hardens more than cold-pressed linseed oil. The main downside to applying oil is it can make objects slippery and requires repeat applications.
  • Apply dry coating: Certain dry coating products repel liquids to protect your items against moisture. Like linseed oil, dry coating applications provide an extra barrier but without leaving residue behind in the way oil does.
  • Add a layer of Paint: If you want to make the metal or iron product a different color, consider painting it, as this will also help slow down moisture’s corrosive impact. Not all paint will work. It must be able to adhere, such as electrostatic paint.
  • Galvanize: Galvanizing is an affordable way to protect your items from rust by applying a protective layer of zinc, which rusts significantly slower than iron or steel. Keep in mind that this technique will slightly change the item’s appearance.

These preventative measures will impede corrosion and help keep your tile patio free of rust stains. These methods do not guarantee that you will never experience rust. When rust happens, get in touch with a professional, like the team at Zero Pressure Roof Cleaning.

Contact Zero Pressure Roof Cleaning

Our friendly technicians do not use loud, expensive, and time-consuming pressure washing hoses to remove rust stains. Instead, we use a state-of-the-art stain dissolving formula that is not only effective but biodegradable. It does not harm your items, plants, or pets. After assessing the damage, we will provide you with an estimate and get to work the same day. For rust stain removal in South Florida, contact Zero Pressure Roof Cleaning at (561) 412-8486.