Roofs should be cleaned mainly to avoid additional damage and early replacement of roof shingles. Did you know that approximately one in three roofs are replaced prematurely because the house owner was unaware that the roof could be cleaned?

Many ignore cleaning it, resulting in damage beyond repair. In most situations, replacing a roof is not only unnecessary but also expensive.

Extend the Life of Your Roof. Get it Cleaned.

It’s worth cleaning your roof if it’s still got years remaining on it and if it’s covered with algae, mildew, and moss. Instead of replacing your roof, you can get it repaired and extend its life expectancy. Would you replace your vinyl siding due to mold or mildew stains? Probably not You’d invest in cleaning materials and proactive methods for keeping it in shape. The same applies to your roof.

Methods of Roof Cleaning

As expected, there are several methods and materials available for roof cleaning. The way a roof is cleaned is usually determined by the roof cleaning chemicals or products used.

First, there’s no-pressure bleaching or lye (sodium hydroxide) cleaning. Due to the harshness of the chemicals, no pressure is required. It may also damage roofs, remove the finish off metal gutters, stain painted surfaces, harm plants, and grass, and endanger dogs and children by exposing them to harmful chemicals from the cleaning solution. In many instances, even a small amount of cleaning overspray may be devastating.

Second, a safe and biodegradable roof cleaning approach. Most roof cleaning products contain hydrogen peroxide, which is biodegradable and harmless. This roof cleaning won’t corrode metal gutters, discolor painted surfaces, kill plants and grass, or endanger your dogs or children’s health when used as directed. When we use this sort of roof cleaner allows the roof to be cleaned in two methods. If you want immediate results, it may be sprayed on with a low-pressure washer (like heavy rain) to gradually wash away the stains.

Biodegradable Roof Cleaning Products

Our choice of roof cleaning products is essential. We use biodegradable and safe roof cleaning solutions to remove any worries. A harsh caustic chemical like chlorine bleach or lye (sodium hydroxide) is unnecessary when a biodegradable and harmless solution exists.

The Roof Cleaning Decision

Lastly, should you clean your own roof or employ a pro? A homeowner, contractor, handyman, or professional roof cleaner can clean a roof. How comfortable are you climbing up onto a roof? Most homeowners would instead not do this. (The author of this article personally knows three homeowners who have fallen off roofs over the years.) To keep you, your family, and your property safe, we always recommend that you use a professional roof cleaning service.

Tips for Getting Your Roof Cleaned

The growth of moss on the shadowed sides of roofs is possible since moss does not require direct sunshine to reproduce.

To avoid costly tile replacement or significant roof renovation, it becomes necessary to maintain roof cleanliness by removing accumulated substances.

Roof Cleaning Explained: Pressure Washing

The most common and cost-effective method is to gently pressure wash the tiles with a low-pressure cleaning system, then allow the roof to dry before spraying it with a practical and preferably biodegradable fungicide to kill any remaining spores that may have survived the pressure washing process. The best and cheapest fungicide wash is 1-5 ferrous oxide in water (1 ounce of ferrous oxide to 1 pint of water).

Roofs: More Than Aesthetics

A roof clean-up is considerably more than an aesthetic makeover. In addition to removing roof mold and other growths, we also treat the roof with fungicide wash to destroy any residual or accumulated substances.

Inexperienced homeowners should not attempt roof cleaning since it is a very risky job that requires specialized equipment and knowledge.

The Next Step

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